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Whines and Complaints:

The artists NEVER like to hear complaints. Actually neither does the editor, but unfortunately it is her job. So to tell her about all the problems and mistakes and other glitches that occurred in the story. There might even be a bit of a problem with the art, somewhere, someplace, sometime in the future.

Note that we have a gazillion languages in the story. If we really mucked up a translation, please advise.

If you are a student of the Université de Magique, there is a special address you can use to offer suggestions or critiques for magie.

To play nasty with the EDITOR write to:

Website Stuff:

If something isn't working right on the site, please let us know. Along with the complaint, please include which browser you are using and the version. The Webmistress loves to beat on the codemonkeys who did these pages. We have tried to keep everything simple and robust, so you won't see the fancy-schmancy spinning flashsprites and sparklewands dancing all over teh screen. We leave the cool factor to the Artists.

To yell at the Webmistress who will beat on the codemonkeys write to:



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