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Weekend Artist's Blog

by the Weekend Artist

The codemonkeys all woke up at the same time and decided they weren't going to work for monkeychow any more. They marched on the studio and picketed for better cages and more bananas.

Since the Weekend Artist only works weekends, it had no affect on him. The only one this march irritated was Madame the Editor.

Needless to say, the rebellion was a howling success and the codemonkeys have been released back into the wild.

The weekly Blog was discontinued soon after it was started due to lack of time and interest. What little there is is at:

Madame the Editor's note: Just about the time that the codemonkeys deserted, Twisted Tail Productions started the Magniloquence Initiative, and drained all of our time. We will continue work on Amberleigh ChroniclesTM, writing more books Volume 1-5 are currently available on our Buy Stuff page, but the weekly blog and the webcomic are currently on hiatus.

We are currently writing Volume 6: The Clue in the Crumbly Chateau. It should be published by the end of 2021.

To view the summary archives starting from 2004 click on:

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© 2004-2021. Amberleigh Chronicles TM is written by Robert Stradley & Leslie Dubiel-Stradley, and illustrated by Robert Stradley. Characters and elements of Amberleigh Chronicles are TM and ©2004-2021 Robert Stradley. All rights reserved. Graphic novels are published by Twisted Tail Productions PO box 9778 Wichita Falls, Texas, USA 76308. All names, characters, places, and events are ficticious and are meant to be treated as such. Any resemblence to actual persons past, present, or future is entirely coincidental. Our improbability drive is still on the fritz, so if anyone knows a good improbability technician, please advise. If you can read this, you probably don't need new glasses.