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Excerpts from Université de Magique Primer Text

The Basic Tenants:
1. There are 8 Principal elements that make up the world of Magie.
2. The properties and relationships between elements are best represented by a trisoctehedron.
3. Thusly, each Principal has 1 Opposite, 3 Sides or Allies, and 3 Corners or Neutrals.
4. Spells are created in a 4 step process by manipulating and/or combining these elements to achieve an end.

These Elements are:
Fire, Air, Earth, and Water--the prime elements
Wood, Stone, Metal, and Flesh--the shaping elements

Table that Everyone Learns Upon Entering Magic U:









All our magic theory comes from this table.

The Elements and their postions on the Octahedron de Magique. . The elements

The Difference Between Energy, Elements, and Magic:


  • Energy is all around us.  It lies within every rock, tree, pond, and person.  Theoreticians say that energy is infinite.  I
  • The energy gathered to power a spell is amorphous and, by its very nature. non-elemental. 
  • For a spell magique, it is pulled from the environment.  This is why places with a great amount of embedded magic are oftentimes cold, as the energy is quite literally sucked out of the air.  This is also why fog and snow have been reported around magic-battles and heavy magic areas.  The Université de Magique is especially susceptible to this, which is partially why it is isolated (to minimize interference with surrounding Houses' weather patterns).
  • This localization of environmental effects can explain the reasoning behind such traditions as scheduling high-magic wizard duels and locating them near volcanoes or lava flows.  These areas are colossal reservoirs of energy, and oftentimes the locals will be thankful for the occasional draining of excess energy within dormant volcanoes or fault lines (earthquake-prone areas).


  • Magie is a process, not a tangible thing in and of itself.  Although we talk about seeing magie performed, and we  discuss the subtleties of pre-fabricated spells, magie itself does not exist until it is put into motion.
  • Are there non-elemental spells?  Spells in which no elements are invoked?  The answer is no—because spells are actions.  They are causes intended to produce effects.  And effects must happen to something, or else no effect is generated.  Since everything in existence is governed by at least one element, the only spells that are non-elemental are those that produce no effect, i.e. those spells that are non-existent.  (For a more detailed look into the theories of non-existent spells, see the works of Professors Minoverre and Gladie on Non-Existental Arts.)

A Spell magique is a 4 part process. 

  • the gathering of energy
  • the machinery including spell components
  • the catalyzation or casting
  • the end product

Note: These are the elements of Magie --NOT the Elements of Matter. The Elements of Matter and all of their properties are the same in Leeland as in our Universe.




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